We started with 90 seconds of jumping rope. Then without a rest we went right into
Row 1K
100 double unders or 300 single jumps
Row 500m

I did it in about 11:50 not counting that first 90 seconds. I got a rest in there because we were staggering the start. We don’t have enough rowers for everyone so when I got to the last row I had to wait a bit. I didn’t mind at all!


11 Deadlifts at 103 lbs
28 Wall balls – 12 lbs
11 Deadlifts
39 Hang power snatches – bar from hips to overhead – 33 lbs
11 Deadlifts
28 Box Jumps – 12 inches
11 Deadlifts
39 Double unders or 120 single jump ropes
11 Deadlifts
28 Burpees

I did it in 20:10.


We did yoke carries. We carried the yokes with weights on it on our shoulders across the gym. We all looked at them cross eyed when they started us with weights piled on but I did 210 lb and it wasn’t that hard.

The workout was 2 rounds of:

  • 20 Front Squats – I used a 55 # bar
  • 20 Pistols (Alternating) – This is a one legged squat. Are you seeing the theme here? I have to do these while hanging on to something.
  • 20 Wall Balls 12# – Squat (yep) and then stand up and throw the ball against the wall
  • 20 Calorie Row – Row until the calorie reader says you’ve burned 20 calories
  • 20 Burpee Pull Ups – Do a burpee and then stand up and do a pullup or a body row. I did the row.
  • 20 Clapping Push Ups – I just did push ups.
  • 20 Back Ext 25# – This is on the machine doing back extensions while holding a 25# weight.
  • There was a 20 minute time cap on this. I got all the way through one round and then did the front squats, pistols, and wall balls again.

    Since I like doing challenges I’m signing up for a couple more.

    First off my gym is doing a 44 days of burpees challenge. It started yesterday. On day 1 you do 1 burpee. On day 2 you do 2 and so on until day 44 which happens to be January 1. It isn’t that hard but it keeps you accountable for doing something every day.

    I also signed up for Brooke Not on a Diet’s Skinny Snowman Challenge. It starts on Sunday.

    It has a point system and there are prizes. There are also weekly challenges to do.

    Lose Weight or Maintain (15pts Weekly)
    Veggie Serving Each Meal (5pts Each Meal)
    3 Fruit Servings (10pts Daily)
    Log Food (10pts Daily)
    5 Positives About Your Day (5pts Daily)
    64oz Water (5pts Daily)
    OVER 64oz Water (10pts Daily)
    Meatless Monday (10pts Monday Only) – It is meatless every day here.
    Participate In Mini Weekly Challenge (25pts Weekly)
    Earn 5pts per 30 mins of Exercise (50pts MAX)

    There are still a few days to sign up for this one.