I ran. It was of my own free will. I signed up for a 5K in February in a moment of “I want a shirt” so I figure I need to run a bit. I’m not sure how far I went. I think it is just a bit under a mile.


This workout was just mean. That’s the only word for it.

  • 12 wall climbs – pushup position with feet by wall and back up into a handstand.
  • 13 burpee box jumps – do a burpee and then jump up onto a box. I did 14″.
  • 5 rope climbs – If you can’t do rope climbs you had to lie on the ground and pull yourself to a standing position with the rope and then lower yourself down 10 times
  • 12 hang cleans – bar from thighs to shoulders. I did 55#
  • 15 toes to bar
  • 5 rope climbs
  • 12 thrusters – bar at shoulders, squat, stand up and push it overhead. I did a few at 55# and then the rest at 45#.
  • 13 wall balls – squat and then throw a medicine ball 10 feet up on the wall as you stand up
  • 5 rope climbs
  • 12 sit ups
  • 15 pushups
  • 12 Pull-ups
  • 13 handstand push ups or 26 pike pushups
  • 5 rope climbs
  • 500 meter row
  • I did the whole thing in 28 minutes. After that I better look like this because my triceps are killing me!

    Friday and Saturday

    Burpees as ordered


    We started out going for a walk. We took Freckles and Z and Z’s dog who was visiting with us. The dogs were thrilled. Z was not. Her meds and her atrocious dietary habits have made her gain a lot of weight recently. From the wailing and gnashing of teeth you’d have thought we had her on a death march. Every time the complaining got too bad her father would add another side street to our route. We ended up walking for about an hour.

    I went back out later to run. I started out slow because I had a route in mind but I didn’t know how far it was. It is a bit hilly too. My goal was to see if I could run all of it. So, I went jogging along and ran it was no problems. By the time I got back to the house I wasn’t even out of breath. It turns out that it was 1.5 miles. I was impressed. It wasn’t super long and I was going super slow but it very easy. I guess I am getting into better shape than I realize.


    The workout was 90 seconds of as many rounds as possible of 40 jump ropes and then 11 kettle bell swings. I used a 35# kettle bell and almost dropped it on myself the first time. I was having an uncoordinated morning. We would work for 90 seconds and then rest 1 minute. We did 5 repeats of that. I usually got through one round and then did the jump ropes again and a few kettle bell swings. My last round was my strongest. I got 10 kettle bell swings.


    Even though I’m working on clean eating and low to no added sugar I still get the urge to bake for Christmas. I’ve found a selection of relatively healthy treats. I made these last night. The center is a cashew creme with chocolate and the outside is chocolate with a little coconut oil and orange extract. No sugar besides what is in the bittersweet chocolate.

    I have a few more recipes to try and if they are good I’ll post them.


    The husband had some bad bloodwork at his last check up. He finally decided to look at my diet as a viable option. He’s been doing it for about a week focusing mostly on smoothies in the morning and portion control the rest of the day with little to no grains. I’ve also banned most meats except for fish and a little poultry because I had to go buy his expensive triglycerides medication and he isn’t willing to go full vegetarian. He is dropping weight like crazy. I hate men’s metabolisms. He also is getting to be of the opinion that he invented this diet as guys are apt to do when they find something that works. I just pat him on the head when he gets too uppity about whether something has sugar in it and remind him that I’ve been doing this a while.