The workout for today was 4 rounds of:

  • 7 Squat Snatch – bar from the ground to overhead. I did 55 lbs.
  • 15 Deficit Push Ups (25# plates) – Put your hands on 25 lb plates laying on the ground. Do push ups with your chest hitting the ground in between the plates. I did these on my knees.
  • 7 Muscle Ups – True muscle ups go from standing on the ground, reaching up and grabbing a set of rings, pull yourself up so you are holding yourself above the rings. Not going to happen. I started on my knees and pulled myself to standing with the rings and then did a ring dip.
  • 15 Wall Balls – Squat with a 20 lb medicine ball and then stand up and throw it up against the wall. I don’t usually do 20 lbs but I did it this time. I was much harder than the 14 lbs I usually do.
  • That night I was demonstrating to the husband what my workout was and mimed a push up in the air. My chest screamed and so did I.


    Ran 1.5 miles since I’m officially in training now. I have a 5K in Vegas in February and the Zombie Run in August. Nothing like zombies to motivate a person. I was a little faster this time but it was still way too slow.


    I went and got my body fat tested. What a fun way to start your morning.

    body pod

    I got to sit in an egg. Like Mork from Ork.
    I ended up with 38.5% body fat. I was horrified. I’ve lost a lot of weight recently so I can’t imagine what it was previously. About 10 minutes later I realized that I was reading the analysis from the man’s side of the chart so I was no longer in the morbidly obese category. For a woman I was just overweight. I felt very proud then. I know I’m overweight. I was shocked at being so obese. Women should be under 30% to be in the good category while men over 30% are obese. I can do that.

    It also told me that my lean mass (if I was at 0% body fat) was 120 lbs. Guess I’ll never be a super model. That’s still 25 lbs more than my workout partner.

    I can get measured again in 90 days so we’ll see if I can up the lean mass and decrease the fat.