Ok, back on track after the holidays. I can tell that I’ve been out of the gym more often lately. I’m stiff and weak. We started with front squats and I was a mess.

The workout for the day was 21 reps then 15 reps then 9 reps of:

  • Handstand pushups or twice as many pikes
  • Ring dips – I jumped up and tried to hold myself up on the rings briefly.
  • Push ups

That is a lot nastier than it reads especially because right before that we had done 2 minutes of pullups. My upper arms are numb right now and that is probably a good thing. We decided that we are all going to be ugly tomorrow because we won’t be able to lift our hands up to brush our hair.


I woke up with my arms ok but my inner thighs were killing me.  I forgot that we started on Thursday with some moves where we put the bar on our hips (while laying down) and then did hip raises.

We went for 1.5 mile walk to try to wear out the dog so she doesn’t decide to get up and play at 2 AM.


I tried to go for a run.  I was only going to go 1.5 miles because I wasn’t feeling great.  I ran about half of it (all the uphill part) but then I ended up walking.


We started with sled pulls.  There is a sled with weights on it and we grabbed a belt tied to the front of it and walked backwards dragging it.  We did three rounds of 120 feet.  I did 270 lbs on the sled.  That’s a major thigh workout!

We also did Good Mornings, which are forward bends from standing to 90 degrees with a bar on your shoulders.  I did 48 lbs.  Then we did a contraption that had us moving weights with our legs.  It worked mostly hamstrings.

The workout was as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:

  • 21 alternating leg pistols – Those are 1 legged squats.  I do them while hanging on to posts for balance.
  • 21 double unders or 42 single jump ropes
  • 1 rope climb or pull yourself from the floor to standing with the rope 3 times

I did 4 rounds of that.  Then we had to immediately go into 3 minutes of burpees.  After each burpee we had to step up onto a 55# plate.  I did 28.

That was a hard workout today!