So last week I was planning on having to make up my own workout because I was going to miss two classes. Yeah right, I was slacker. I took the husband to the hospital for surgery on Thursday and that went great – except for the infection he picked up from the hospital that had him delirious with fever by Saturday and landed him in the hospital on IV antibiotics until Monday.

I did do one thing. After last week’s workout where I realized that I can’t step up with my right leg, I decided to try to fix that. Now when I’m on the ground at work I try to remember to get up with my right leg. It is hard and uncoordinated but I’m working on it.


I did manage to get to class today. The trainer was looking at the equipment storage area and commented that it was a mess. Then he said, “Ok! We’re doing a rowing warm up today!” We all looked at him and then one brave soul asked, “Is that so we take everything out to get the rowers and have to put it back right?” He said, “Yes!” I love that our workouts have a plan and a purpose. LOL.

It was a partner warmup where one person rowed 200 meters while the other did 10 pushups and 10 situps. Then you switch. We did it for 8 minutes.

Our strength work started with snatch practice. We had to just grab the bar from the floor, stand up, and shrug our shoulders. If you don’t have to get it overhead you can do lots of weight. I did 143 lbs. Then we practice snatch balance where you have the bar on your shoulders behind your head. You drop quickly into a squat. The idea is that you drop out from underneath the bar so fast that it stays in place and you catch it with outstretched arms above your head. In theory, you can do a lot of weight because you aren’t really lifting it – you are just moving your body around the bar in space. That’s the theory. In practice we are doing tiny weights and falling all over the place.

The workout was:

  • 30 GHD situps – GHDs are a torture device where you sit on a pad about 3 feet off the ground and lock your feet in. You can then bend 270 degrees backwards and do sit ups from there. Not me. I go about horizontal. He encouraged me to go all the way back once. I asked if he planned on picking me back up when I got stuck. He told me I had a good point. I think I might want to think about being offended by that.
  • 30 deadlifts – I did 95 lbs
  • 30 double unders or 150 single jump ropes – I really need to get a rope and learn to do double unders
  • 30 overhead squats – Hold the bar over your head and then squat. I was having problems with this today. My arms were worn out.
  • 30 pull ups – I can’t do full pull ups. I stand on a box and lean forward to stretch out my arms fully. Then I pull back and up and jump to get above the bar. Seems simple but it still works your arms.
  • We had to stagger the start since there aren’t enough GHD machines for everyone. I started with jumping rope since I wanted that out of the way. I did the whole thing in 13:02.