Yesterday I had the day off even though it wasn’t my normal day off. I got up and wandered with Freckles out to the kitchen. I was mentally running through a list of what I had to do to try to put them in order. Freckles headed towards the back door. I muttered, “You go outside and I’ll get my shoes and I guess we’ll go to the dog park now.”

All hell broke loose.

I wasn’t even 100% aware that I was talking out loud. I certainly didn’t think she was listening. But as soon as I said that she started screaming and jumping. Her plan to go outside was forgotten. She ran downstairs to the garage door and started throwing herself against the door to get to the car, screaming the whole time.

I followed her down and made her go outside through the garage.

Freckles: “Car. Car. Car. CAR!”
Me: “You have to pee first. It is a 20 minute ride to the park.”
Freckles: “Car. Car. Have to get in the car. WE’RE GOING TO THE PARK. RIGHT NOW!”

I drug her out and she peed as fast as possible and ran back to the car. I always worried about what I said around the birds because I didn’t want them to repeat it. I guess I need to worry more about what I say in front of the dog because she speaks a lot more English than I give her credit for.