WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I had plans and aspirations. I sat down yesterday and was going to finish the maze top so I had something to show here today. I like having the deadline of “What am I going to show Wednesday?” to make me sew. I was going good too until I had to change the bobbin. My machine is persnickity about that. When you change the bobbin the tension goes all wacky. All you can do is turn it off for a while and come back later. Then it will magically be fine again. So, it isn’t done. I’m at the stage of adding the long horizontal sashing. Maybe it will be done next week.


I got more hexagons done.


I have a question for people wise in the ways of hexagons and hand sewing. I think I see my stitches too much on the front. What am I doing wrong? I’ve taken bigger bites of fabric and smaller and it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Are the stitches supposed to be invisible from the front?