I’ve been mostly swimming this week. I skipped a crossfit workout on Thursday because my right quad was really sore. That turned out to be a good call because there were 50 air squats in the workout that day.


I went this morning even though I was out until midnight at the Doctor Who showing.  I feel tough.

We warmed up with 3 minutes of jump rope practice.  Then we did 10-8-6-4-2 reps of strict pull ups.  I did it while pushing my feet off my partner’s thigh.

We did 1 minute each of rocking, flutter kicks, sit ups with our feet on a wall, and russian twists.  Then we rested a minute and repeated it.

The workout was 7 minutes of:

  • 11 deadlifts at 145 lbs
  • 11 pull ups

It was ugly.  I couldn’t get coordinated.  I did 2 sets and an extra set of deadlifts.


Last Friday I was with a friend I hadn’t seen since I moved here.  We were looking in boxes and the factory representative said that if we needed any more down he’d get the forklift.  When I decided I wanted another one I just picked it up and put it on the ground.  It was about at face height and wasn’t all that heavy.  I realized that my friend was staring at me.  “Um… I’ve been doing some…. um…. weightlifting?”

She said, “I see that.”

Seriously they weren’t that heavy but I guess I am stronger than people expect.