We started with back squats. That is where you put the bar on your shoulders behind your head and squat. We did 4 sets of 8. I did 105 lbs.

Bench press was next. We did 4 sets of 6. I did 55 lbs.

The workout was 12 minutes long. Every minute on the minute we did:

  • 3 hang snatches – bar from mid thigh to over head.  I did 55 lbs.
  • 5 burpees


I went to the track again.  I walked 1/4 mile, ran 1/4, walked 1/4, ran 1/4, walked 1/4, ran 1/2, walked 1/4, and then walked at least another mile and maybe more.  I lost count as I am so prone to do so I went to the end of my playlist.  That was an hour and at the pace I was going should have been close to 4 miles.

I planned to do it again on Sunday but came down with something that made holding very still in bed the best idea for the day.


We did deadlifts.  It was 5 sets of 5.  I did 105 lbs.

Then I worked on ring rows.  I did 3 sets of 10.

The workout was just plain mean.  It was another every minute on the minute for 12 minutes workout.  We had to do:

  • 5 power cleans – bar from floor to under chin.  I did 55 lbs.
  • 4 push jerks – bar from chin to overhead

But then instead of resting if we finished before the minute was up, we had to do sit ups.  Our score for the day was the number of sit ups we did.  I did 27.  I didn’t always get through all the lifts.  I think I did 10 sit ups on the first minute and then got 2 or 3 each time at most after that.

There was a new person there.  He went up to the trainer afterwards and mentioned that he was transitioning to vegetarianism.  I swear my ears must be attuned to the words because I’m not sure how I heard him from where I was.  I swooped in with advice.  CrossFit coaches tend to be very Paleo diet focused.  They are flummoxed by vegetarians.  The guy was very happy to know there were other vegetarians who haven’t died doing CrossFit.