Warm up- Light jog (or walk/run) for 10min Stretch any sore muscles
Workout #1- 4x

  • 15x kettle bell thrusters
  • 5x 3-count strict press (count 1-2-3 for slow press up, return to start at normal speed)

Workout #2- 4x

  • 12x bicep curls
  • 8x tricep kickback extension

Core- 3x

  • 20x tuck-ups
  • 20x Russian twists
  • 20x sit-ups


I was supposed to do a local 1 mile trail that has workout stations along it but it kept raining.  So I went for a 2.5 mile walk instead.

Then things got weird because I had to take the husband to the hospital Thursday night and he stayed until Sunday.  Really messed with my workout schedule.  So inconsiderate of him!


Using a pvc or broom stick, complete 10 passthroughs, 10 front squats, 10 overhead squats, 10 more passthroughs. Then complete 2 rounds of this mini workout:

  • 60′ sprint
  • 5 thrusters with lightweight
  • 10 kettlebell swings

Workout #1: 6 sets/rounds

  • 8x Bench (or floor if you are without a bench) press. Set 3-6 should be same weight and heavy. It wasn’t heavy because the husband wasn’t up to spotting me yet.
  • 8x Lat exercise of your choice – I did straight arm pull downs with a cable bar.  I was bad at this and could only do light weight.
  • 5x Push-ups

Workout #2: 4 sets/rounds

  • 8x Man-makers – These still suck but I’m ready to move up to higher weight on them.  This is the squat, put the dumbbells on the floor, do a pushup, row each arm, stand up, and press overhead torture.
  • 10x Kettlebell deadlifts (heavy) – I did 35 in each hand which was harder than it sounds.

Core: 3 rounds

  • 15 Tuck-ups
  • 20 Bicycle crunches
  • 60sec Plank hold (and :30sec side plank each side)