I spent most of the week doing some light swimming and nursing my ankle back to health. I did work on seeing what my max weight was for the overhead press one day. I did 80 lbs on a push press. I know I’m stronger on a split jerk where you jump a bit to get more momentum to get the bar overhead but I wasn’t up for jumping on my leg yet.


I went out and got new new shoes. I have new running shoes and they are straight from the Devil’s workshop. They feel fine for the first mile or so and then they rub on the bottom of my left heel. The last straw for them was the 5 mile walk where I had strategically placed band-aids over the heel rub and so they rubbed the top of both my feet. Of course, they were super expensive. Money wasted. Ugh.

I decided to try race walking technique for the first time. I set a timer in my garage and decided to go out for a mile. My mental dialogue went something like, “Ok, heel strike and knee straight. Roll the foot….. Ok, I think this might be right. It probably isn’t right. I’ll just go half a mile. Ow, ow. New muscles working. Oh my god, I’m going to have to work up to this. Why am I panting? Right, turn around here and do a 1/4 mile. That’s good for a first time.”

I was so uncoordinated. I have no idea if I was doing it right or not. It didn’t feel like I was going fast at all but I was breathing hard. The timer said 2:46. That’s a sub-12 minute per mile pace. Interesting.

Then I did my real workout.

  • 10 lat pull downs with 60 lbs on the bar
  • 100 meter walking lunges
  • 50 bench dips – I did these in 5 sets of 10 with a few seconds rest in between.
  • 100 meter walking lunges
  • 10 lat pull downs


I am SO SORE from the walking lunges.  I did them up and down my driveway so there was a slight uphill and downhill to them too.  I concentrated and went slow so I got full range of motion.  I must have done that right because everything hurts.

I swam laps.  I never count.  I lose track too quickly.  It is around 20 laps because that’s what the husband does and I swim for as long as he does.


Still crippled from lunges.  More swimming.  I did one length backstroke and one length breaststroke for about 20 laps.