I have been pretty quiet about my fitness travails lately because I didn’t want to jinx it.

I’ve been doing the boring stuff – watching what and how much I eat, exercising. It seems to be working. I haven’t lost any weight but I seem to be getting smaller around the middle. I’m not ever sure how that happens. Am I in danger of contracting my mass into a smaller and smaller area until I collapse in on myself like a black hole?

I’ve been doing a lot of pilates. I think that’s what is helping. My lower abdomen feels like I’m wearing a corset. It is really cool.

I’m closely watching portion sizes even if they seem insanely small! I’m also focusing on getting fruit or veggies with every meal. I know, I know. How can a vegetarian not eat veggies? Easily. Cereal for breakfast, cheese sandwich and chips for lunch, and pizza for dinner would do it. I’m eating carrots and fruit for snacks so I’m not starving at mealtimes. I’ve started bringing lunch to work but that’s hard because I like to get out of the office. I’ve gone walking around the mall and then ate my packed lunch after I got back.

The other thing that’s helping is that the SO has added a bunch of cardio to his workouts to lose weight. I’m competitive and since his goal weight is less than my current weight I’m motivated. Cardio is hard for me in the winter since being on a treadmill makes me crazy. I’ve been doing intervals (20 seconds running and 40 second walking) to stay mentally awake. I need to up that if I really want to drop pounds!