I have been doing Facebook fitness challenge groups.  I’m in my second month.  The idea is that you have a group of people who post three things every day:

  1. A post-workout selfie
  2. A picture of a healthy meal they ate that day
  3. Check in at night about how the day went

Then once a week we have to record a video about a non-scale victory. 

I didn’t win last time.  My partner was apparently not as super competitive as I am.  She didn’t do her posts every day.  This partner isn’t either.  I am sad but having to post every day is helpful for me.  I makes me eat at least one healthy meal if I’m accountable for it.

I’ve gotten a subscription to Beach Body on Demand.  It gives me access to all kinds of workouts at home.  I just finished Liift4 which is a 4 day a week mixture of weight lifting and high intensity interval training.  I liked it.  I finished it exactly on time which meant that I didn’t procrastinate any workouts to the next day. 

I didn’t lose any weight but my body definitely changed during the 8 weeks of the program.  It focuses on upper body weight lifting and my arms are much tighter.  I’ve lifted a lot heavier in the past but this was all about consistency.  Unfortunately, I come from a long line of peasant stock so I have my family’s flabby underarms covering up some of the muscle.  I need to keep working on it so I can get these muscles to show! 

In the challenge last month, I lost 3.5 inches overall.  1.5 inches of that was in my waist.  My arms and thighs went down a little. The difference is noticeable even though the scale didn’t move.

I just restarted Liift4 at the beginning to keep working on my upper body.  I’m not really a fan of the lower body day each week so I think I may mix in other workouts on those days to keep from getting bored.  I’m used to lifting super heavy in deadlifts and squats so doing those moves with dumb bells just isn’t challenging my muscles.  There are also a lot of hiit moves in those days that my knees have protested.  They must be getting old! 

Working out at home is working for me though.  I have a scheduled time on each day when I know I’m going to be working out.  I don’t have to go the gym even though it is close.  The equipment I need is always available.