There are two questions that if I know you and you ask me I will answer unequivocally, “None Of Your Business!”  One is, “How much do you weigh?” and the other is, “Where is your blog?”

I keep the blog away from people who know me in real life because if I think there is a possibility that they may be reading then I will start to censor myself.  I don’t want that so I don’t tell anyone the location.  Today the SO started asking me questions about the blog starting with the location.  I replied with the None Of Your Business answer (It is always capitalized!)

Now, if he was truly curious he could look at the bookmark bar that is always visible at the top of the browser and see three listings with the same name and click on it.  One goes to the home page, one to the dashboard, and one to the new post page.  So far he hasn’t been that curious as far as I know.

In order to prevent nosiness I decided to answer some questions.

1.  Do you talk about me?

Yes, but not anything naughty or really embarrassing and not by name.

2.  What do you call me?

The SO because no one ever came up with anything better and I didn’t know I was keeping you at the time.  You never even had a nickname from the people at work and they nicknamed all the guys like Tattoo Boy and Tractor Guy etc.

3.  That’s because I’m multifactoral and not easily broken down to one characteristic.

Uh, sure, honey.  (Pat him on shoulder.  Try not to laugh.)

Then (and this is brilliant) I gave him an example of a typical day like today.  “Well, I posted pictures of Snowball’s new coat and of the quilt.”

“People read that?  ‘Cause I’m falling asleep here.”

“Yep, I’m pretty boring.”  At least what I told him about….

So, a question for everyone.  If you blog does your real life circle of people know about it and read it?  If they do, do you ever wish they didn’t know?