I didn’t lose any appendages but it was a wrestling match to get the coat on Snowball.  She’s not impressed yet but I think she’s cute.  There is a little hood that you can’t see in this picture.  She looks like little red riding hood.


I finished the photo quilt for my tech’s mom.  It is not this wrinkly in real life but Riley is obsessed with jumping on this quilt.  As soon as I lay it out he pounces.  If you look to the right of the photo you can see a grey blur.  He’s coming back to jump on it again!


I just got called over to the neighbors.  They had a bat in the kitchen.  They wanted the SO to kill it but he decided that I should rescue him.  I love bats!  I got a decorative bird feeder that no birds like and wrapped it with left over batting from the quilt and tied it on with strips of left over backing.  I made a little opening and put him inside.  Hopefully, that will keep him warm tonight.  It is supposed to warm up tomorrow.  I hung it up in a tree and he was hanging from the batting when I left him.  The neighbors are now convinced that that nice boy who lives next door to them has hooked up with a crazy woman because I was cooing to the bat and made him a very pretty house.  The section of the backing I used was actually a bit of the pieced section so he has a very stylish house!