I bought Snowball a coat today. She runs outside to pee and then runs back in and shakes for five minutes. I feel bad for her but this is the dog who turns into the devil herself if you try to get a collar on her. I got the kind of coat that is sort of like a cape. If she would have to step her feet through some leg holes I would soon be missing fingers.

Hopefully she’ll surprise me and take to it like Spirit took to his. He was too manly to wear a coat until he got sick one winter and I bundled him up in Prize’s. After that he loved a coat. He demanded it be put on in November and wanted to wear it full time until spring.

I had been thinking about getting one for Snowball but decided for sure because I’m working on a hypothermia case today. Outside dogs and zero degree temperatures don’t mix!

I’ll try to get a picture later if she deigns to wear it and if I don’t lose a hand in the attempt to put it on.