A friend and I went to the National Quilting Association quilt show today. Apparently this is the 37th annual show. We are a bit put out by this because neither one of us had ever heard tell of the previous 36 shows. Over 200 stunning quilts were on display. I got some pictures for inspiration. There were also vendors and I bought one thing. It is an applique pattern of a Pomeranian that looks just like my dog. I don’t normally applique or buy patterns but this was a must have.

I’m leaving tomorrow for a weekend in Kansas. I’m judging a trail ride. You may wonder how a person on crutches will examine horse legs and hike through the woods. The answer is We’ll See. It ought to be interesting.

I have to get up way early. I’ll be setting the alarm for a time that starts with a 3. Yuck! My flight leaves at 6:30 am so I better pack and get to bed. I hate getting up that early. I started having dreams last night that I overslept.