Saturday we went furniture shopping for the new room downstairs. We had a strict budget. The husband wanted two loveseats, an endtable, and a coffee table. I was just along for the ride. This is his dream room so I’m not interfering. I will expect the same treatment if we ever get around to doing my sewing room.

We went to three stores before he found something he liked. It was in the clearance area (good!) but there was only one loveseat. So I told him that we could get that and then get a chair. He’s big into things have to match exactly so mixing and matching a loveseat and chair was a big hard for him. Several loveseats had reversible cushions so it could all be a solid color or the cushions could have a coordinating pattern to the rest of the couch. He kept turning the pretty cushions over to solid. Very matchy person.

I fell in love with a chair. Absolutely in love. I was standing there petting it and telling the husband that I loved it in the tone usually reserved for puppies. It was a buttery (touch and color) yellow chaise that also reclined. Loved it. Didn’t get it.

We ended up finding a matching (of course) loveseat and couch in the clearance area (good). We went back to clearance because I broke the news to the husband that anything else needed to be ordered. Besides being matchy he is big into instant gratification. It had flippy cushions but I said that they had to stay on the pretty side. Otherwise we would be constantly flipping them over according to who was downstairs first. The saleslady laughed at that but the husband looked at me in a way that said that he knew that I was entirely right on that so he agreed to keep them pretty side up.

Then he found a clearance coffee table. At this point I started voicing doubts. We were still under budget but I was of the opinion that we had just bought more furniture than would fit in our truck and we were far from home. This idea was not embraced fully until the warehouse guy, the husband, and I were trying to fit all this furniture into our short bed truck. Actually it wasn’t fully embraced then. Saying that it wouldn’t fit just riled up the latent testosterone. It finally happened up involved me holding a cushion and two drawers from the table on my lap for the whole ride back.

But it is starting to look like a real room downstairs now.


A close up of the pretty side of the cushions


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