The universe is conspiring against me and I’m not sure why. I have a bunch of things I’d like to do today but nothing is quite working out.

I want to work on redoing my garden. I had grand designs for a showpiece garden with multiple rooms just like the magazines. But that turned out to be more than I wanted to maintain. So I am admitting defeat and am going to transplant the shrubs that are doing well into one long straight bed. Then I am going to plant wildflower seeds around them. I am going to make one other area for food plants.

To do this I needed to weed-whack. I can’t start the weed-whacker. I drug the husband out to start it through his protests of, “It’s easy. You need to learn to do it.” A half hour later when he finally got the @#$$%^ contraption started he wasn’t saying, “It’s easy,” so heartily. So I weed-whacked my little heart out. Then I hooked the cart up to the lawn mower and got my first load of compost. I got back to the house and the lawn mower died. Out of gas. And, by the way the tire on the cart is slashed beyond repair. It’s Easter. No place is open to get the stuff to fix it.

So I could sew. I’m still working on the scrappy bargello quilt. I am cutting strips for it and another version of it. At the same time I am cutting four squares for another quilt. Last night was the first time I worked on it in a bit. I had a horrible thought accompanied by a sinking feeling. What am I using the squares for? Once upon a time I had a plan. It fell out of my brain though. I know that I blogged about it. I have the date and it says it was on TV. So I went to the show’s website and am looking at the shows that week. I can’t find it. I found one that looks familiar but of course it is the one that doesn’t have free directions and has pictures so blurry I can’t figure out what it looks like. So I really have no idea what these blocks are for. I should write this stuff down. I said it was a mindless quilt so it can’t be very complicated. Maybe I wrote it down somewhere else….

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  1. Wolf thought starting the chainsaw is easy and laughed at me as I struggled with the rip cord-thingie. I tapped my foot as he wrestled with it, vindicated.

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