My brother and I are total Joss Whedon geeks. Specifically we love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. To this day when we see each other we have a deep and meaningful conversation about some aspect of the shows. My brother did not text me when his daughter was born but recently texted me in a flurry of excitement when two cast members from Angel got into a fight on Twitter. This is after the shows have been off the air for years! We are total fanboy/girl geeks.

I just got the SO to agree to watch Buffy with me. Oh the bliss and happiness! He’s a newbie and he is totally hooked now. I get all excited about new characters being introduced without saying anything that will give away the story. (Most recently I was all excited over Wesley showing up. He was unimpressed. I couldn’t tell him that in a few seasons Wes will be super tough.) I giggle to myself over foreshadowing.

My brother suggested our next geek move. The show Angel was a spinoff that ran starting at the same time as season four of Buffy. We are going to watch the two series in the order that they aired. I am way too excited about this. We’ll see the crossovers in order. It will be so geeky-awesome! I swear sometimes I scare myself.

I’ve decided to try to find the Buffy comics for my brother for Christmas. Yeah, sometime you have to embrace the geek.