It is official. The horse has lost his @#$ mind and it is contagious. This had led to me having conservations like this:

Me: Would you like a carrot?
Spirit: Yes, but I’m not taking it from you.
Me: Take it from me or don’t get it at all.
Spirit then takes the carrot with the edges of lips in order to not touch me at all. The whole while he is giving me the Death Glare. But he’s eating. He’s still not himself and he’s really weak but hopefully he is on the mend.

Then I got up this morning and Prize was screaming in her stall. She was running from her window to the door and back again just having a hissy fit. She wouldn’t calm down so finally I took her outside. She looked around a bit and then seemed content that whatever was upsetting her either was a) long gone or b) never there to begin with. See, horses going right out of their minds is contagious.

I got an invitation to submit quilts to a show. This isn’t because of any great merit on my part. I went to the show last year and said that I wanted to be on the mailing list. I don’t even think it is judged except for a viewer’s choice award. I might make something for it. I work so much better with a deadline.