I’ve decided that Spirit is brain damaged. But only in the morning. In the morning he is glassy eyed and seems disoriented. He won’t eat. At night he is more himself and is grazing like normal. Overall he seems content. This is a horse who has never been content a day in his life. He always has a grievance. I haven’t been cussed out since this started. I’ll know he’s better when he quits being so dang nice.

On the adoption front there is still no word. This must be why there are a gazillion kids in foster care. No one will return the calls of potential foster/adopt parents. I called a foster agency that drive past every day. They have signs up pleading for people to call them. So I called. The voice mail of the person I was sent to said (and I am not making this up), “I don’t check these messages daily.” I’m giving her until Monday to call me back. If she doesn’t we are going to send in our application to the only place in the state of Ohio that has responded to us. Then I’m going to call the place that pleads for people to call and leave a message that we did not go with their agency because they don’t return calls.

Are the agencies just overworked or do they not care? I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. The international agencies responded to me right away. I’ve left multiple messages at domestic agencies over the last few weeks and have not heard from anyone.