This is is where I came in.  I hadn’t even heard of Harry Potter until the third book came out.  I saw a friend reading it.  She had picked it up in hopes that her son would like to read them.. He didn’t but she was hooked.

I didn’t read any Harry Potter until the first chapter of Goblet of Fire was printed in Newsweek.  I loved it and then went back to the beginning to read the series.

The first chapter of Goblet of Fire contains HUGE spoilers if you haven’t read the first three books.  I wasn’t surprised by Wormtail for example.

Stuff I liked:

  • Tents that are bigger on the inside – This was before I was a Doctor Who fan so it was a new concept for me.
  • The wizarding schools from other countries – I wonder if it is the U.S. wizarding school that the government is hiding at Roswell.
  • I’ve always wondered HOW Cedric figured out to put the stuff underwater.  Did he always do homework in the tub and just dropped it?
  • From the movie – Are all the bathtubs at Hogwarts made for lots of people?  Is that odd to anyone else?

Guess what? I’m going to Harry Potter world at Universal this week.  Pictures at the next read-a-long update.

When did you start reading the Harry Potter series?