Even though I had already worked out that morning, we went to the gym and did another 2 miles on the track.

11,009 steps


I headed to Orlando this morning and went to three of the Disney parks. That got me some miles.

24,428. 10.54 miles


Just walking around convention centers makes my totals higher than normal without trying.

7234 3.51 miles


The vendor exhibit halls opened. I wandered the aisles and ended up with 10,010 steps. Full disclosure, I paced in my hotel room from bathroom to kitchen a few times to get that last 100 steps to go over 10,000. I want my fitbit to be proud of me.

I also have lists saved of body weight workouts for when I’m traveling. I was pretty stiff and tired so I did one that incorporated mobility and wasn’t too stressful.

I did 10 rounds of:

  • 30 second handstand holds
  • 30 second low squat holds

Before you think I’m tough, know that I can’t do a handstand.  I can’t even kick into a handstand against a wall.  So what do I do?

I started, because I was really stiff, with my hands on the floor and my knees on the edge of the bed.  That opens the shoulders and still requires some strength.  After I limbered up, I moved to standing with my back to a wall, putting my hands on the floor, and walking my feet up the wall.  I took them about halfway up the wall.


10,048 steps – Yes, I did pace for the last 600 steps.

5 Replies to “Fitness Tuesday”

  1. I have a fitbit and am constantly pacing in my house to get those last steps in to make it to my goal – nothing wrong with that! Looks like you had a great week!

  2. I really want a fitbit, but one of my other goals this year was to put myself on a serious budget. I do have a step counter, but I really stink at putting it on every day! I going to attempt to be better this week so I can keep track!

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