In October I wrote about starting to work with Goddess Moon Circles Helping and Warming program. Specifically, I’m supposed to be in charge of my state.

My goal is to make a donation to a charity on each of the eight pagan holidays. Yesterday I gave the first donation to Take It to the Streets. This organization takes clothes, blankets, and food to homeless people who for one reason or another are not staying in shelters.

Although this is a Christian organization they do not require the people they help to practice Christianity. That is the main requirement for charities helped by Goddess Moon. That is hard to find around here. Finding charities to help at all is hard even. I found one domestic violence shelter locally that said that they accepted donations but when I called they said that they don’t do that anymore.

This donation consisted mostly of clothes from the husband’s and my purge of the closet. There were also a few small teddy bears, some toiletries, and some canned food. I also took up knitting again. I made two scarves. I have a few quilts that I planned to give but I didn’t get them finished in time. They should be ready for the next donation.

Now I plan on contacting some groups around here for possible donations. I’ll contact some of the pagan groups and maybe put up flyers at some of the quilt and fabric stores. Hopefully, we’ll be able to raise even more donations.