At 6:30 this morning Riley made a break for it. He has wanted to go outside with Powder and Snowball but I wouldn’t let him. He’s too little and he ended up living here because he got beat up by dogs when he was on his own outside. But he was determined and too quick for me so he was outside. I couldn’t catch him. Luckily Powder appointed herself babysitter. She sat in the driveway and seemed to be keeping an eye on him with a mildy annoyed look on her face while he wandered from one side of the driveway to the other so I went back to bed.

Two hours later I opened the door to see if I could see him. Powder had him sitting at the foot of the stairs. As soon as the door opened she herded him inside. Mild annoyance had been replaced by exasperation. I don’t know what he wanted to do outside but apparently she decided it would be best to make him sit in the garage. Hopefully he had his fun and won’t want to go out again. I don’t know if Powder’s nerves could stand it.