Here’s happy alternative energy news.

CIS tower is set become Europe’s largest vertical solar array, when all three sides of the 25 storey building’s service tower are clad in energy generating solar panels.

7,244 solar photovoltaic panels, designed to convert daylight into electricity, will create 180,000 units of renewable electricity each year – enough energy to make 9,000,000 cups of tea.

And for those who think that you have to live in a super sunny place for solar to work here’s their answer.

The 400ft high array of dark blue solar panels will work regardless of the weather. They will certainly stand out on the Manchester skyline, and may shortly become an eco tourist attraction.

From Solar tower via Urban Faithscape.

I say jolly good and well done to Manchester for taking the inititive to show that solar can work and can be an asset to the city. I really want to add solar here but with my non-environmentalist wacko husband I don’t know if that is ever likely to happen. I’m just getting to him to think about recycling things.

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