The husband is out of town for the next few days. There is only one horse here to annoy take care of. (See the comments on the last entry for a picture of Prize’s boyfriend.)

So what am I going to do with myself? I went shopping. I’m talking real shopping. Real shopping means that I bought things. I usually shop and never buy anything due to a basic cheapness. But today I bought some scrapbook supplies. I went through the clearance boxes and got some great stuff. I need to spark my creativity since I’m going to be doing a swap on Swap-Bot where I need to make something creative for my partner every day for 10 days. Then I bought a magazine and I had lunch with lots of leftovers to bring home. I went purse shopping but didn’t buy anything. I’m both cheap and picky when it comes to purses so I just have to look until I find something I love. I did get some page protectors to put my sticker sheets in so they can be organzied instead of spread out all over the shelves. I also got to go to Trader Joe’s. I’m going to have to make a point to go back there when I’m in the area because the food was much cheaper than at Kroger. I had my reuseable shopping bag and so I got a chance in a drawing to win a gift certificate. That’s a nice change from Kroger where I have to explain the purpose of a reuseable shopping bag to the bagger everytime I go in. Then they watch me careful while they bag because I’m obviously insane and might explode any minute.

I bought a microphone to play around with some podcasting but I need an adaptor to make it fit my computer. So, no talking for me today. I’m off to read my magazine, organize my scrapbooking stuff, and maybe make something fabulous.