Guess who is scheduled for a weekend of pampering with several handsome gentlemen whispering sweet nothings in her ears?

That’s right, Prize.

She went off to the breeder today. It was a rough trip. There was a monsoon going on at our house and she didn’t want to go in the trailer. The visibility was awful for about half the trip and then suddenly it stopped. The pavement wasn’t even damp anymore. It was like coming out from under a waterfall.

She was put in a stall next to her intended. He likes her a lot. She was indifferent to him. She was more upset by the creep feeder. That’s a grain bucket with bars across the top to allow a tiny baby horse nose to eat out of the bucket but bigger horse noses don’t fit. It lets the babies eat without the big horses stealing it. She was incensed by this. There was grain in her stall and she couldn’t get it. She was ignoring the “Hey, baby” noises coming from next door and was concentrating fully on getting into that feeder. That’s a girl after my own heart. I’ll take the sweets over a leering guy any day. I’m a bit concerned though that she is eventually going to jump up and down on the feeder until she smashes it to bits for the grain. She doesn’t handle frustration well.

She’ll stay there for the next week or so. They have her in a stall in the middle of the stallions so she’ll be a very popular girl. The husband went with me and really liked the stallion I picked. He thinks all horses look alike but even he said that this guy was gorgeous. We also played with some babies. “Our” stallion had one baby there and she was lovely. She really liked the husband. She kept following him around.

So Spirit is on his own for a week. He’s not happy today. I’m not sure if that was because Prize left or because he had to stay inside so he didn’t drown in the monsoon. He quit cussing me out as soon as I let him go outside. He’s in the pasture next to the neighbor horse so he’ll have a friend.