Newsweek this week has an article by Wolfgang Puck discussing his decision to start using humanely raised meat in all his food. I don’t know what to think about this article. On one hand, he has a large restaurant and frozen food empire so any change that he makes will have an impact on the industry. Other chefs may follow his lead and that is good. He is also going to make his packaging more environmentally friendly. That’s all good.

But the tone of the article was set for me by the quote set off in large bold print.

“I’m not going soft, or, heaven forbid, vegan.”

Gee, thanks for letting us know that veganism is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

The article is obviously written for an audience that has never heard of the local foods movement. There is an arrogance here that is astounding. He claims he is going to “lead by example.” Well, maybe he’ll be an example for “mainstream” chefs but he’s years behind on this issue. He claims to have been thinking about it for years but didn’t commit to anything until approached by the Humane Society. He also recently discovered that “As for foie gras, my customers and I can easily live without it.” Maybe with a little further introspection he might realize he can live without veal – cage free or not.