I’ve said before that I’m not the most observant person around but today just floored me. I was coming home from work and noticed trees growing by the barn. I went out to investigate at the same time as the husband called on my cell phone. I asked if he planted trees. He said no and I described the location. He said I was crazy and that they were probably big weeds. (We have killer weeds around here.) Since that was my first thought too I was heading out to check.


That’s no weed. It is about 7.5 feet tall. It isn’t alone either. There is another one about 6 feet tall and about 10 under 3 feet tall. On the back side of the barn there are two more big ones. I did see those before when I was stringing the fence but dismissed them as killer weeds.

We don’t go in that side of barn but we drive past it everyday. How can you miss those? From the leaf id website I found I think they might be eastern cottonwoods.