I am eating the yummiest brownie. This is going to sound gross but trust me on this. This is yummy. Take a can of black beans and dump it liquid and all into a blender. Blend until it is a uniform consistency. Then mix it with a store-bought brownie mix. Do not add eggs, oil, water, or anything else liquidy. Bake as directed. It turns out very moist, yummy, and non-beany.

I was out this weekend judging a trail ride. There was a pagan there. I knew it right away. She had a vibe. She had on flowing dresses (when she wasn’t riding), sandals, and had long naturally colored hair. Her horse was also named after a Goddess. That isn’t as good of a clue as others because the horse could have been named by a previous owner. Then she was talking to us about good books to read. They were all femine books like The Crone. There are times when I wished we had a secret handshake to identify ourselves because yelling across an arena, “Hey! Me too!” while I was judging her horse wouldn’t have been appropriate.

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  1. hmmmmmm

    i think i will be trying this in about 10 days … LOL

    my best friend is trying OH SO HARD to eat healthier and lose weight and my DD is trying to be a vegetarian

    so itll be a good little treat for both of them when she next visits


  2. Oo. I’d probably have formerly reacted to this like “yuck!” but having had aduki bean mousse and aduki bean icecream (also known as “red bean icecream”- very Japanese), I’m totally into the idea.

    Have you ever tried making it with aduki beans instead of black beans? They’re heavenly.


    The pagan lady sounds pagan to be sure. Or at least very very cool.

  3. The brownies sound “interesting”, not sure I want to try it, but sometimes the most unusual ingredients make the best tasting things.
    Glad you met the Pagan lady. Sometimes I can tell by looking at others that they are Pagan. I think it depends on where I am and what they are doing or wearing. No one would pick me out of a crowd and say Hey she is Pagan. I am very conservative when I am out in public, especially at work. I won’t even wear any of my jewelry. I suppose if someone came right out and asked me if I was Pagan I would tell them, but I don’t volunteer it. It just makes life easier that way. I know what you mean though about some people having a higher vibe than others. I have been told that is one reason why some none pagan people have a hard time going into a Pagan’s home. The vibe is usually high and they don’t understand what they are feeling and become uncomfortable. Yes the handshake idea would be nice. Or a secret tattoo, or something. Nice post

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