I am eating the yummiest brownie. This is going to sound gross but trust me on this. This is yummy. Take a can of black beans and dump it liquid and all into a blender. Blend until it is a uniform consistency. Then mix it with a store-bought brownie mix. Do not add eggs, oil, water, or anything else liquidy. Bake as directed. It turns out very moist, yummy, and non-beany.

I was out this weekend judging a trail ride. There was a pagan there. I knew it right away. She had a vibe. She had on flowing dresses (when she wasn’t riding), sandals, and had long naturally colored hair. Her horse was also named after a Goddess. That isn’t as good of a clue as others because the horse could have been named by a previous owner. Then she was talking to us about good books to read. They were all femine books like The Crone. There are times when I wished we had a secret handshake to identify ourselves because yelling across an arena, “Hey! Me too!” while I was judging her horse wouldn’t have been appropriate.