Group update

I got a response back from the other group (see last post). Where the first group welcomed me to visit them with open arms, this one sent a list of questions about why I wanted to be allowed to study with them. They said that they needed know more about me and then if I passed they would set up a meeting at a public place before deciding if I could be invited to their main meeting place. The reason? Because wiccans are so persecuted. This is exactly the kind of freaky behavior I was afraid I was going to find when I started looking for a group.


  • Pennie

    Ugh…the one group sounds kind of weird. Follow your gut on this one, but I’d go with the open-armed group. I’ve tried a couple of groups and had varying results. I still love the group of women I did ritual with in VA. Up here in Jersey the group I joined were the “crazy pagans” and there was a lot of postering and controling. I got out and practice alone now.

  • Turtleheart

    This group just sounds like bad news… first the icky vibes from their website, and now icky vibes from their e-mail… doesn’t sound very promising.

    Hope all goes well with the other group (that gave you a warm welcome).

  • Jessica

    I cannot stand the “We are so persecuted” attitude. They can be as bad as the Christians. It irks me when a group encourages more fear. Sounds like they treat you like you are guilty until proven innocent.

    I’ve seen the meeting in public first thing work well for if the rituals are in people’s own homes, but they have regular public socials for that purpose. Sounds very different from the people you described.

    I hope all goes well with the group that is welcoming.

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