Earlier in the week it was up to 60 degrees. I actually got to turn off the furnace and the house stayed at the same temperature. Yesterday it snowed some. Today it has been bitterly cold. Through it all it has been very, very windy and there have even been thunderstorms. Oh yeah, I forgot about the heavy rains and flooding. It is like we are trying to experience every type of weather possible in just this one week.

But through it all some of the bulbs are coming up. The irises are going crazy. I planted some that a co-worker gave me in the fall of 2004. They came up but didn’t flower last year but now they are coming up with a vengange.

The crocuses are up too. I feel sorry for them because they are in the worst microclimate I have. The wind swirls around in there and kills most things I try to plant. These crocuses have escaped out of the bed and into the lawn. They look 100 times better than the ones still in the bed even though they are only about a foot away.