In the last post I mentioned that I was grumpy. Ha! At the time I wrote that I didn’t know what grumpy was.

Some background:

My car is a certified disaster area. I live out of it. In an attempt to be less messy I’ve taken to keeping a full sized black garbage bag on the passenger side. Monday night I decided to put the bag out with the trash and put the empty water bottles with the recycling. Occasionally cleaning your car is good for your soul.

Fast forward to Tuesday (yesterday) right after I wrote the last post. I went and got in the car to run some errands and then go for a run. It struck me that the car was incredibly clean. Too clean. I realized that my iPod, car adapter for the iPod, and cell phone charger were gone.

So, was I robbed or did the stuff get accidently thrown out? Impossible to tell. I once threw out my sunglasses by accident so I couldn’t discount that entirely. The garbage was already gone so I couldn’t check. It seemed unlikely that both adapters were gone at once since one or the other is plugged in at all times. They were all gone.

So, I went to WalMart to get a new iPod and car adapter. The one thing still in my car was my fancy noise reducing ear buds. They are hot pink. I got a hot pink iPod to discourage theft. I may add glittery butterfly stickers too.

I didn’t tell the SO what happened. After his brother’s truck was robbed here he told me not to leave stuff in sight. Usually the car is such a mess that you wouldn’t notice my stuff. Figures I cleaned it that night. I told the SO I was grumpy but didn’t want to discuss it. Then I went for a run with the new iPod. When I got back he said that one of the neighbor’s cars was robbed that night. I ‘fessed up and he started in on ‘I told you..’ but then he got the Look and shut up. He was properly sympathetic from then on. He’s madder than me. It feeds into his Rambo complex. He’s planning to install more motion detector lights and clean out part of the garage so I can put my car in. Last I heard he was dreaming about pits with poison laced stakes…

Moral of the Story- Don’t clean out your car or someone will come along and help you finish the job!