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I finished the Constellation top today.


I’ve planned for this quilt to go to Quilts of Valor. I have mixed feelings about that. It is an organization that gives quilts to soldiers and that’s fine but the website makes me furious every time I go to it. I can’t really put my finger on it but it has always seemed to be very nasty and way too ‘quilt police’ for my taste. So I’ve never donated any of the quilts I’ve made to them. But I’ve been reading Alycia Quilts and she does a lot of work for the group and she doesn’t seem mean about it.  I know some other people around here have done work for them to so I’m going to try it. I put in a request for a longarm quilter to work on the top. (I had to fill in the form several times because I kept quitting mid-form because the website kept rubbing me the wrong way. Is it just me?)

I’ve noticed on quilt blogs lately that the in thing is to drape the quilts artistically over something to photograph it. I have two thoughts about that. (Man, I’m grumpy today! LOL)

1. I want to see the whole design.
2. The first person who gets a stain on a brand new top while artistically draping is going to get smacked.

But anyway I tried it.


I like still like seeing the whole thing better. I’m off to start processing tomatoes and eggplants into dinner before the sheer vastness of the produce in my kitchen smothers me alive!


Gratuitous sunflower shot!