I got my wedding pictures today.

See how you aren’t looking at them right now? Neither am I. I’m grumpy about this. They are on a DVD- R disc which nothing I own will acknowledge. I took it to several photo places and the files are too big for them to access or to convert to CD.

I called the photographer and she’s supposed to be sending me a CD but don’t think she believes me and will probably send another DVD.

I don’t get grumpy much but if something technological doesn’t work it makes me insane. I was trying to get our cheap portable DVD player to show pictures to me since it was the only thing that even agreed that there was something written on the disc. It wouldn’t. I came stomping upstairs and stepped on Riley’s foot. My normal response would be to apologize with hugs. Instead I told him that he shouldn’t $%&R^*&*( be in the way. At that point the husband threw himself against a wall and started yelling a warning to all animals that “The Mommy is on a rampage! Take cover!”

I told him what I thought of him also. He slowly approached me with his hand out like I was a wild beast that he wanted to pet. I told him that this was all his fault. He asked, “Because I married you and therefore everything is my fault?”

Yes. It is nice that he has previous marriage experience and knows this instinctively. He petted my head and then backed off and went to the relative safety of the gym. I heard him tell Freckles as he left that she better just lie low and stay unnoticed. She didn’t listen. She’s laying at my feet now. Riley and I have had hugs too. But if I don’t get to see my pictures soon there will be very big grumpies!!