My workouts this week:


5 repeats of:
400 m run
15 squats while holding weights over your head

I used a 15 lb bar for my weight and did it in just over 18 minutes. The coaches were being very encouraging to me on this workout. I’m not sure why. They kept yelling, “Go Heather!” during the run. It was starting to freak me out. I wasn’t the slowest person there so I was starting to wonder if I looked like I was about to die or something and they were trying to keep me going. I didn’t feel that bad.

That’s funny that I write that I didn’t feel that bad. I was dreading starting that workout. The “workout” portion of the class happens after 30-45 minutes of exercise. I was staring at the board during the warmup and dreading the run. I haven’t run 1 and 1/4 miles in a long time. I hate doing 400 m warm up runs. Then they wanted me to burn out my legs doing squats and run again? It was going to suck. I told myself that if I had to walk that was ok. I did run the whole thing though. I actually started finding it easier to run as it went on. The last two run segments were way easier than the first ones.


On Sundays we get to pick any of the workouts from the week before to do. I didn’t understand what this one really was when I picked it.

10 single arms snatches on each arm (15 lb dumb bell on the ground, squat and pick it up, stand up and raise it over your head)
20 alternating leg pistols (1 legged low squats)
Repeat as many times as possible in 17 minutes

I did fine with the snatches but couldn’t do the pistols at all. I thought pistols was going to be another arm move. I was hanging onto the uprights of the weight racks with both hands and using that to keep my balance in the squats. I couldn’t get as low as I was supposed to go.

I did 5 repeats and finished another set of arm moves in 17 minutes.

This morning was a horrible slacker. I got up to get ready to go and felt bad. I also am so sore from Sunday’s workout that I don’t think I could do another workout. So I stayed home. I feel like a horrible person. I plan on getting a massage and doing some yoga today to recovery fully for Thursday.

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