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My WIP for this week is something new. I started the Hexy MF quilt a long at Fat Quarterly. I decided to it because…. um….. I don’t know. Probably because I’m weak and they made it sound like a good idea. I also have a few ideas for some nontraditional quilts using hexagons and this is a good way to learn the technique.

I’d heard that these hexagons were addicting and I’m here to say that it is totally true. I’m at the hand basting stage which sounds just awful but it is really fun. It may not be fun 500 hexagons from now (I’m reserving the right to make this a smaller quilt although I’ve already cut a lot of pieces.)

I decided to use this Outfoxed fabric as my inspiration.


Here are some of the fabrics I’m using these fabrics to go with it. The centers are light blue and there is another navy fabric that I’ve already cut so it isn’t so overwhelmingly pink.


The pattern calls for 1/2 yard cuts and you use it all. That was hard. I never cut up the last bit of fabric so I have all kinds of unuseable little bits hanging around. If you cut it up and use it, it is all gone you know? Only fabric collectors will understand that sentence.

Laying out the first colors.



I also joined the Add A Border swap on flickr where you get a starting block and obviously add borders. I need to add a 3 inch border to this.


Yeah. I’m stuck. Help! I’m thinking a very narrow white or black or grey to contain that center and then building something around it. Anyone have any ideas? I joined this as a creativity exercise and I guess I should be careful what I wish for.

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  1. Love the shades of blue with the pink! One hexi-flower leads to another one and it just goes on and on…….so many pretty flowers.

  2. I love the fabric you’re using! You’re sure right about the addiction, and yes, you’ll probably still love making hexies after 500. I can’t stop!!

  3. Your flowers are lovely and that foxy pink print is to die for………thanks for stopping by my blog……..hope to see you often on OFW!

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