I finally hung up a quilt. I had quilts hanging in my townhouse along time ago. When I moved to a new house in 2002 they were deemed inappropriate mostly by the ex who wanted to be fancy. Nothing else was ever hung up in place of the quilts. When he left my quilt friends thumbtacked a quilt up on the wall. Once I moved here I kept all my wall hanging quilts in the trunk even though the SO said to put them up.

I finally decided to do it. I’m using the Magnent-Ficent hanger which is a steel plate with two magnets. You put that on the wall and then get a metal curtain rod to hang the quilt on. The rod attaches to the magnets and it holds the quilt up. It is nice because you can hang any size quilt without having to move the attachments. As long as the rod fits the quilt, the magnets will hold it up.

This poor quilt is old. The center farm scene and the cow block in the lower left are the first two quilt blocks I ever made. The rest were done as part of a round robin. It has been folded up so long that it is all creased. Hopefully that will straighten out. It is also covered in hair (but what isn’t around here) that wouldn’t even vacuum off! I’m going to have to wash it.

Now I’m going to need to make more wall hangings so I can rotate.