You know you’ve been travelling too much when the animals start pouting when the suitcases come out. Freckles sighs on the bed. Riley sits on top of the suitcases. It is all so sad.

When I put a weekend’s supply of dog food in a bag and packed that into another bag, Freckles realized that she was going on the trip. Much happy screaming followed. Packing her gentle leader confirmed it. From then on she wouldn’t leave that bag’s side. When the SO told Z to get in the car, Freckles pushed her out of the way in her hurry to make sure she had a spot in the car.

Ozzie is with us too. There will be workers in tomorrow to polyurethane the floor again so he has to run from the fumes. We’ve got a full car with the kid, the dog, and the bird in the back seat. Now we are going over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house. The cats are staying home with a lifetime supply of food in their bowl. They are shut into the main floor and the basement so they don’t play on the wet floors. I’ll have to do penance again when I get home.