Finally! Just in time for Not-Fall.


I broke more needles on this project than in the whole rest of my quilting career.


We went to the dog park today and Freckles knew someone there. I didn’t know if this would be a good thing or not. She doesn’t really approve of him. He is a Great Pyrenees and he is a neighbor. When he goes on walks with his person sometimes they stop at our house and sit on the front porch and talk to the SO. Yes, I’m afraid that means that 100+ lbs of dog is sprawled across Freckles’ porch without asking her permission. Often she feels it necessary to go out there and make him apologize for his transgressions. Watching a 40 lb dog make a 100 lb dog apologize and slink off the porch is interesting.

Now they were face to face off lead in the dog park. Freckles isn’t very social at the park. She’ll say hi but then she goes and does her own thing. But today she played. Real live playing. There was a dog that looked like a taller version of Freckles and she chased him around. She let the Pyrenees run with her. Then a Pyrenees mix came in. The two Pyreneeses sized each other up and then the mix got aggressive. Freckles jumped between them all teeth and growling. Apparently it is ok for her to force him off the porch but no one is going to jump on her neighbor without hearing from her! After that was settled to Freckles’ liking they all played and ran until Freckles was too worn out to go anymore.