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24 Sep, 2014

Quilting Wednesday

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

So after my husband decided to stay in the land of the living, I turned my focus to an event that we had been preparing for. There is a small town festival near here that has been turned into a huge veterans’ event because of their police department’s Facebook page. Basically, the Facebook page is crazy popular. I think it is the 3rd most popular police Facebook page in the country. The police chief decided to focus the festival on veterans and invited everyone to come to it last year. This year it is bigger.

Quilts of Valor had a booth for 4 days and did a public presentation with the police chief on Saturday.

We were supposed to present 17 quilts. I’ve been scrambling for quilts so I was glad to pick these up from the Purrfect Quilters on Wednesday night.

At our booth we had info for quilters and info for people to nominate veterans for quilts.

Here are some pictures from the presentation.

Remember that I said that this was a social-media driven event? I posted those pictures to the police Facebook page and they have gone all over the place. They’ve been shared like crazy. People have been joining the Quilts of Valor Ohio Facebook page. Over 1/3 of the page likes are now from this weekend. The album page of these pictures have been seen by over 42,000 people. The requests for quilts are starting to roll in.

During it all I managed to do some sewing. I picked up my hexagon quilt again. I haven’t done any hand sewing since I gave myself tendonitis in my hand. I sewed together the third row and my hand got a little sore but it was management by just doing a little at a time and changing the way I hold the pieces together.

26 Mar, 2014

Quilting Wednesday

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I finished my Honus of Hawaii top. (Like my socks? I didn’t notice them since this was an instagram photo and they didn’t show up there but they sort of match. They can stay.) My goal is to get it quilted by Saturday when I am going to my parents house. They did the same Hawaii trip. I am going to casually say, “I finished this up less than a year after the trip. Na na na na na na.” That last bit is important. Even if I don’t say it it will be implied. My mother makes lovely scrapbooks but never in a timely fashion. This came back to bite her when she finally got around to working on her Grand Canyon scrapbook and realized that many of the pictures included my ex-husband. That’s why you should get things done so you aren’t stuck working with pictures of people you don’t like anymore. Free life lesson for the morning. (Wow, I’m really free associating today.)

Of course immediately after taking that picture, this happened because quilts without cats are an abomination.

It is a wall hanging but he makes it look so small. A friend on instagram did note that he is actually a mountain lion so it isn’t truly representative of scale. The turtle blocks are 9 inches square. The quilt is around 40 inches square. The cat is very long.

In EPP news, I finished up the seven text fabric flowers and moved on to the ninth of ten fabrics – the pink polka dots. At this rate I’ll be done making flowers in less than a month and then I have to figure out how to put the top together.

Quilts of Valor news – There is a new program where you can buy bolts of patriotic fabric for $3 a yard to use in QOVs.
Here’s a link to the PDF of how to order. PatrioticQuilt-SalesSheet

The 2014 Block Drive Pattern is here too.


Linking up to One Flower Wednesday.

25 Dec, 2013

Quilting Wednesday

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I have my own version of a Christmas miracle.  I actually finished a few things! I don’t know when the last time that happened was.

I finished by St. Louis 16 Patch top. It has been mailed out to a long armer. This is going to be a Quilts of Valor quilt.

I did part of the Fandom in Stitches Doctor Who stitch along. But, I don’t know anything about classic Doctor Who so I don’t care about the early doctor blocks that I made. I work with someone whose husband is a big fan though so I made them a pillow with the first four doctors. This is my first pillow too.

23 Jan, 2013

WIP Wednesday

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I was a slacker this week. Tuesday is my normal sewing day/day off but I had to work this week. I knew that Tuesday were one of the slower days at the office so I took some of my hand sewing with me. I needed to have something to show for myself on Wednesday. I got this one flower done and basted two more.

Hexies this week

There was a discussion on a Quilts of Valor group about if a person made one 12″ block a day at the end of the year they’d have made enough blocks to make 20 plus twin sized quilts depending on border and sashing arrangements. That got me thinking. I can’t commit to do anything for a year but I could commit for February. If I did one block a day for 25 days that would give me three days to put it together with sashings/borders and I’d have a finished top in a month.

I’m going to do it. I’m going to post my block of the day at our state Facebook page here. Feel free to follow along or sew along. It is a great way to quilt for others without making a huge time commitment each day.

23 Nov, 2010


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Finally! Just in time for Not-Fall.


I broke more needles on this project than in the whole rest of my quilting career.


We went to the dog park today and Freckles knew someone there. I didn’t know if this would be a good thing or not. She doesn’t really approve of him. He is a Great Pyrenees and he is a neighbor. When he goes on walks with his person sometimes they stop at our house and sit on the front porch and talk to the SO. Yes, I’m afraid that means that 100+ lbs of dog is sprawled across Freckles’ porch without asking her permission. Often she feels it necessary to go out there and make him apologize for his transgressions. Watching a 40 lb dog make a 100 lb dog apologize and slink off the porch is interesting.

Now they were face to face off lead in the dog park. Freckles isn’t very social at the park. She’ll say hi but then she goes and does her own thing. But today she played. Real live playing. There was a dog that looked like a taller version of Freckles and she chased him around. She let the Pyrenees run with her. Then a Pyrenees mix came in. The two Pyreneeses sized each other up and then the mix got aggressive. Freckles jumped between them all teeth and growling. Apparently it is ok for her to force him off the porch but no one is going to jump on her neighbor without hearing from her! After that was settled to Freckles’ liking they all played and ran until Freckles was too worn out to go anymore.