It has been a hard few days to be a kitty at my house.

First, we got a new bed. Powder used the footboard of the old bed as a launching spot to jump to the top of the armoire where she eats and sleeps. We kept this in mind when ordering the bed. We said we wanted the same thing we have just bigger.

We didn’t get it. The footboard is a foot lower. Add to that the fact that instead of being a substantial curved piece it now is thin and comes to a point. And the bed is longer and so is closer to the armoire. It all adds up to Powder not being able to make the jump from that angle when starting at a lower height.

I’ve tried to feel bad for her but I finally told her that it was time to come back into the land of the living. She used to lounge all over the house pre-Freckles. She is just going to have to deal.

Right now she is pouting in the basement.

When I came home from work last night I saw Powder and Riley sharing a window sill. I tried to get a picture but they moved as soon as they were spotted. I was thinking, “Oh, so cute!” Obviously my mind was addled since the two of them voluntarily together is one of the signs of the Apocalypse and I missed it.

I walked upstairs and saw Riley jumping. Then I realized he wasn’t just randomly jumping up and down but was in fact walking without using his left front leg. A closer look showed a paw twice the size of the other. I don’t have any cat meds at home since they’ve always been healthy little buggers. So I bundled him up in a carrier (oh, the horrors!) and drove a half hour back to work to take an x-ray and get medicine.

Nothing is broken but it is still swollen and he can’t walk on it. I can’t find any wounds but he is hard to examine since he rolls over and wants to play when I look at it. He’s on antibiotics and pain meds in case he’s cooking an abscess.


It doesn’t show up as well on the photo as it does when he is carrying it around here. It doesn’t seem to bother him much since I just had to lay down the law that he is “NOT GOING OUTSIDE WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE USE OF ALL YOUR LIMBS!!!!”

If he isn’t better by tomorrow he’s going back in the carrier to get held down and shaved at work looking for wounds. Yes, that is a threat.