The kitchen cabinets in this house are god-awful hideous. That’s a major understatement. I’ve hated them since I first saw them. The SO defended them until he saw Mad Men and realized that the Drapers have the exact same kitchen cabinets as us. We have put a lot of money into new stone flooring and backsplashes and new counters. Immediately after doing that we had an appliance installer in who told me that if we ever planned on doing any renovation in the kitchen we should call him. The horrible knotty pine cabinets are all that you see.

We can’t afford to get new cabinets or even to reface them so we’ve decided to paint them and get new hardware. What color should we go with?


You can see the stone walls and floor for color comparison. Any other wood trim like around the doors is painted white. There is one wall that is striped cream wall paper (not my design choice). There is also a purple border on the papered wall that is coming down.

We put up some white, tan, greys, and blues. This is what we haven’t thrown out yet? What do you think? The wood goes all the way to the ceiling and we are getting rid of that fancy trim. The new hardware will be something like brushed nickle to match the faucet.