Kindle Unlimited has figured me out. Recently it has been showing me Regency romances that feature dragons. How am I supposed to resist that?

Miss Percy's Pocket Guide to the care and feeding of british dragons quenby olson

Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons by Quenby Olson was the first one I read. This one had the benefit of featuring an older heroine. That always makes me happy.

Mildred is 40. She lives with her younger sister’s family. She’s been used as an unpaid and unappreciated governess for her sister’s family. One day she receives an inheritance from a distant relative who she met once as a child. It looks like mostly rocks and old journals. She and the local vicar examine them to see if there is anything of interest for the local school. But when one suddenly hatches it is the start of a great adventure that opens up Mildred’s world.

This book sometimes got a little bit too cutesy but it was unique and creative.

The second series is based on the idea that hatchling dragons pick one human child to bond with. Those dragon-linked humans gain the ability to do some elemental magic.

In England the dragon-linked are powerful in society. In France they are killed. Now it seems like the unrest in France may be moving to England.

Phoebe is a country girl who is going to London for her first season. Her magic is attuned to light and it doesn’t behave. Neither does her dragon, Mushroom. Phoebe is terrified what is going to happen when they have to go out in society.

Eliza is from Dominica. She’s come back to her mother’s native England to find a husband who will let her control her own fortune. Her father has assigned a minder to watch her. She needs to find a biddable husband to get away from them both.

These romances are set among a series-long mystery about who is trying to get rid of the dragon-linked in England. It is a nice twist on a typical Regency romance.