I absolutely loved reading the series of books written by K.M. Shea that are set in the town of Magiford WI.

In this world wizards, fae, vampires, and werewolves are all living openly among humans. Magiford is a hub of magic in the Midwest. So far there are three interconnected series in this world. It starts with the Hall of Blood and Mercy series.

Hazel is a wizard who is forced into the leadership of her family when her parents are killed. She isn’t a powerful wizard though and a coup is attempted. She has to flee. The only person willing to help her is the local vampire. He decides to train her to fight in order for her to be able to reclaim her leadership.

These books have the best slow burn romances in them. Each of the romances grows over the course of the three books. They are romantic and not sexual. I spent a lot of time while reading these wondering how these were better romance stories than a lot of romances that I’ve read.

About a year after I read this series I saw that there were other series that were set in Magiford so I grabbed them on Kindle Unlimited.

The Court of Midnight and Deception series follows Hazel’s neighbor Leila. She is half-fae but was raised as a human. She lives on a small farm. Her trouble starts when she finds an emaciated horse in the pasture with her donkey. Then several more show up. Next thing she knows they’ve anointed her as the new Queen of the Night Court of the Fae. She has no idea how to survive in the tricky world of the fae courts.

I liked Leila because her magical trait was an affinity for animals. In everything that is going on with her she manages to make her donkey a part of it because she loves him. He likes hanging out with the big magical horses.

This series has a forced arranged marriage between Leila and a man who was hired to assassinate her. She has to marry someone so she chooses him because he is scary. He’ll protect her if he is bound to her. It turns out to be a very sweet relationship.

I read this one on a weekend trip. I had gone to Tennessee for my vet school reunion. I really wanted to keep reading but I told myself that I flew down there so I had to keep being social for more than 1-2 hours. It was hard to leave the books though.

Then I had to wait. When I finished the second series, there were only two books out in series three. I knew the way I binge these series that I wasn’t going to be happy. The third book was coming out in about a month so I made myself wait until I could binge all three. That was a good decision.

This series is about a pack of werewolves who live in northern Wisconsin and the human werewolf hunter that they have taken into their pack. Pip was adopted by the wolves after her parents were killed when she was a child. Recently there have been some big changes in the pack. A new alpha was brought in, replacing Pip’s beloved former alpha. She’s dedicated herself to making his life miserable. Now there is a new threat to the pack and they are going to have to work together to save everyone.

I’m in a big rereading mood now so I may go back and reread the first series because it has been a while since I first read those ones.