Home Sweet Home

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Here’s where I’m staying forb the weekend. It is wonderful inside and it has a hot tub in the back.
Do you see what is missing from the picture? Snow! It warmed up today to over 40 at home and then I drove two hours south. I’m thawing before even hitting the hot tub. My friend from VA may not be as warm as me but I’m in heaven.

We’ll be rehashing the news of the last year over the weekend. We last got together in January 2007. At that time I was dating anyone who’d buy me dinner and getting ready for divorce proceedings. I met the SO in March so that will have to be discussed. Jeopardy will be rehashed. Spirit will be eulogized since he lived with this friend’s family when I first got him. What a difference a year makes. That doesn’t even count all her news.

I’ve scoped out stores, museums, and a middle eastern restaurant with belly dancers for additional entertainment.

Now I’m sitting on the porch without a coat basking in the warmth!
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