Ok, I’m about tired of cold. I can handle brief spells of subzero temps and I deal just fine with normal winter but this a bit extreme. We are going on week two of temps around zero. Occasionally it gets up to 20 for a bit but then drops again.

I live in a cold house. The S0 thinks it is warm at 63. Last winter (pre-me) he kept it at 58. I’m used to it mostly. It was fine as long as I could take a nice hot bath before bed. But our hot water heater is dying and we gradually are having less and less hot water. Now I only get half a tub. I’ve gotten out the electric blanket to warm up my side of the bed and it makes me much happier. He thinks it is too hot so I don’t even have to share!

This weekend I am going on vacation with a friend. We picked the place based on the hot tub. It is outside but it will be deep and warm! I’m going to be smart this year and take my bathrobe. Last year I was outside in my bathing suit trying to find the lights and the on switch and it was mighty brisk. Since it is colder this year, I will be bundled up until the last minute and I will take a hat to keep my ears warm if necessary.

I will soak until I thaw all the way out.