•I never did get to see the horses on the parade. The feed started having lots of commercial breaks so I gave up.

• I am making another photo quilt for a coworker. This one has pictures of her father who died several years ago. A lot of the pictures are of hunting so I’m going for a more masculine feel. The pictures will be set in wide sashing with green frendship stars on a tan background at the corners. I have five of the stars done. Of course it is a rush job. I agreed to do it a few months ago, just got the pictures a few days ago, and it is due in February.

• I’ve been making ‘leader-ender’ blocks. I had a bunch of 2.5″ squares that I’m sewing together randomly. I sew one at the end of every seam I sew. I leave it in the machine and start the next seam of my current project without breaking the thread. It saves thread and I get a lot of fiddly stuff done without a lot effort. I’m not sure what it will eventually be.

• I’m going to go to Florida to judge a ride in March. They asked if anyone was interested and I replied that I was freezing here so Florida sounded good.

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